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February 14, 2019 Release Changes - Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: Feb 11, 2019 03:39PM PST

On February 14th, we are launching several new features to better support our clients and family users. The following provides added details on a few specific features changing for ePACT:


1. What are some of the new features in this release?

We try to release enhancements to our system every 6-8 weeks to address client and user feedback, add new features that help improve operations for organizations or make things even easier for families managing their emergency information through ePACT.

This upcoming release will include two new features that will help our clients with day-to-day needs, and improve the usability of ePACT for our family users:

a) Store Photos for All Contacts:
Families will now be able to add photos for emergency contacts, pick-up contacts, legal guardians and banned (do not pick-up) contacts, making it easier for everyone to manage pick up and drop off processes.

b) Ability to Set New Required Fields:

To help organizations better meet legislative and licensing needs, you can choose to make the following required: medical, insurance and dental providers, emergency and pick-up contacts full details (e.g. phone numbers, addresses, relationship to member).

2. Will this release impact my account?

For most organizations, there will be no impacts to your account or processes.

a) Who is impacted ?
Only active organizations who use ePACT pick-up lists and emergency contact sections that capture relationship to member, phone number and addresses in open text fields will be impacted by this release.

This is because part of our feature changes will improve the way we collect emergency and pick-up contact information to better address client and families needs. Specifically, we’re moving from open text fields to standardized data sets and ensuring any information required for pick-up or emergency contacts is done in one step, rather than multiple separate steps. These changes make it easier for families to manage their information, and better for organizations reviewing data in ePACT, running reports, meeting licensing needs, etc.

b) I currently use Pick-up/Emergency Contacts Open Text Fields - What do I do?
For organizations who currently collect emergency and pick-up contact’s relationship to member, address and phone number via open text fields, we will migrate your account to the new improved contact’s formatting. This means your current open text fields will be replaced with the proper ‘contacts’ format, allowing families to more easily enter and manage their information, while ensuring clients improve data going forward, so it is easier to review this information day to day for operational needs, run reports, or capture this data for licensing/legislative requirements.

Please contact us if you are actively using ePACT pick-up/emergency contacts relationship to member, address or phone number in your day-to-day operations (e.g. you need to look up a pick-up contact’s phone number on your App or via the ePACT website). We’ll walk you through the quick steps we need to update families’ information in the new format so you can continue to access this day to day.

c) I do NOT use pick-up or emergency contacts open text fields day to day, only for licensing/legislative requirements. What changes for me?
For organizations who do NOT use ePACT to look up pick-up or emergency contact phone numbers or addresses in their day-to-day operations, but ONLY collect that data for licensing/legislative needs, there are no impacts or new processes for you at this time. We have an archive of data stored in your dashboard before the release so you have a view of that information if you require this for future needs, such as licensing or legal reviews.

d) I must have access to pick-up/emergency contacts data collected in open-text fields for future reviews - How do I access this?
As this release is changing how some data is managed in ePACT (pick-up/emergency contacts relationship to member, address, phone number changing from open text fields), we will capture an archive of data stored in your dashboard before the release so you have a view of that information if needed for future. 

This archived view will be available for 12 months. If you need this archived for longer than 12 months, please contact us and we can make arrangements as required.

e) What do these changes to pick-up/emergency contacts look like?
Old Format: Families had to add a new pick-up or emergency contact in one step, then add other required data (e.g. address, phone number, relationship to member) in separate steps and in open text boxes:

New Format: Families will be able to enter everything in one step within set fields, making it easier to manage and better for organizations using this data day to day.

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